Writing to you from the dock before an early dive

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

You probably won’t find me lounging on a cruise ship deck any time in the near future.

Because going on holiday at our house means get your body in gear and explore.

Case in point: our recent excursion to Honduras which began with 2 days of climbing all over the Maya pyramids in Copan, followed by 5 days on Rio Congrejal with rainforest trekking took us scaling waterfall canyons each day.  We finished our trip with a week of scuba and hiking on Cayos Cochinos.

Do I have pictures?  I thought you’d never ask!

Here are 3 short videos under 5 minutes (just like my Fit Quickies!) of video and stills we took above the water, under the water, hanging onto the cliffs by the falls, on top of the pyramids…

Video #1 (at top of page) is the river stay.  Video #2, scuba and the Bay Islands, and video #3, the beautiful ruins at Copan.

Though I shot some of the pics and video footage, my husband and dive buddy Greg is the real creative genius behind these shorts.  I’m ready, Mr. DeMille!

River and Rainforest Trekking

Climbing All Over Copan

Fitness never takes a holiday around here, it seems.  Ready to go again!

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