Today I came across a reference to me on a discussion forum.  It went something like this:  “I see Lani has gotten somewhat diety.”

Earlier, if you had peeped inside my kitchen you would have seen the following:

Sweet onions, bok choy, brussels srpouts, chick peas and cauliflower were being sauteed in veggie broth on the cooktop.  Acorn squash and sweet potatoes were baking in the oven, giving their sweet fragrance to the air.   Jasmine rice was bubbling, and cubes of local-made tofu were braising on the grill.  While cooking, I actually said – out loud – “I love the way I eat!”  And I served it all with a splash of sweet chilli sauce on the fluffy rice and we ate until we couldn’t any more.

Does this sound ‘diety’ to you?  Are we ‘diety’ if we opt for whole, colorful foods in abundance rather than joining the ranks who succumb to the mindless drivel known as the Standard American Diet?  If I decide to eat consciously and discriminate quality with what I put on my plate, into my body, and how I impact other sentient beings and the environment, does this translate to a disdainful ‘diety’?

Like I said, I love the way I eat.  A toast to all my plant-powered buddies.  Dinner’s ready.  Coming over?


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