The title says it all and Patsy’s letter speaks for itself.

Following years of frustration and struggle, Patsy implemented a few simple strategies and now she’s finally dropping weight and inches – and needing less sleep, too, giving her more precious time for her busy life.

Hi Lani! I’ve had such amazing progress with my weight and energy that I wanted to share some details to inspire others. You are welcome to publish these notes where you like!

Patsy Tobis

Patsy Tobis

Something shifted for me when I was listening in on Lani’s TeleClass before her Summer Booty Camp earlier this year.

She said, “We’re all doing the exercise and workouts but at some point in time we have to make the decision to lose the weight. And the way to do that is through your diet”.

And I thought, she’s absolutely right. I looked into the Dietary Plan and Guidelines that Lani had planned for the May class and thought “this is a plan I can live with!” I started right away, 2 weeks in advance of class getting underway.

So by the time the class actually started, I was already down 5 lbs. I also became a member of Lani’s FitDream Fusion Inner Circle and continued to get the coaching and team support there.

And now, 2 months later, I’ve trimmed down over 13 lbs. I bought some new clothes for spring a month ago, and already they are too big so it’s time for alterations! I’m not complaining – this is like a dream come true for me.

I’ve Been Trying to Lose This Weight For Years

I thought I was doing things right before . But no matter what workouts I did, and sticking to what I thought was a diet designed to help me lose weight, I wasn’t.

I had basically been following a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. Plenty of eggs, meat, and fats. Stay off the fattening carbs, I thought! Plus I had mild gluten sensitivity, so thought that by eliminating those foods, I would certainly lose weight. But I didn’t.

Well, that all changed with the dietary plan that Lani shared with me. I loved it from the first bite. I was able to eat all the time, whenever I wanted of rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggies – and still lose all this weight. And it gets better, because I’ve found that I can now have pasta on occasion without the bloating and effects I’d had before. I’m looking forward to trying some good grainy bread, too, to see how that goes!

Biggest Shifts in Waist – and Energy

The biggest shifts have been through my waist and midriff. I lost about an inch in my waist quite quickly.

My belly is really flat now, and my hips have slimmed considerably.

I used to need LOTS of sleep. Like 10 – 12 hours a night! The first couple of weeks after changing my diet this persisted, and in retrospect, this was probably due to the big transition from my previous diet. But then something amazing started happening. Instead of needing to sleep in until 7, I was bouncing out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to go walk my dog!

My guy has benefited, too. He saw the rapid changes in weight and waist that I was experiencing, and started eating like I was. He asked me, “Do you think this would help ME lose in the gut?” Well, it has, he’s dropped considerable size through the middle. And last night at a party, while others were digging into their meat, he was chowing down on baked potatoes and the other guys were seeking him out for advice on how to lose THEIR guts, too!

Looking Forward

I’ve continued to be regular with the exercise plan that I’ve been doing, and am enjoying now seeing more of the results of my workouts.

I’m so excited about these changes, and the eating freedom I get to enjoy. I love going to the McDougall Health and Medical Center and reading more about the wisdom of this way of eating. I plan to continue with the food plan as it works and I feel great.

I can’t wait for your McBooty Camp coming up in July.

Thank you again, Lani. You are definitely making a difference in all our lives.

~ Patsy Tobis, J. Sayles Design, West Des Moines, Iowa.

Notes from Lani: Patsy, you DO inspire with the straightforward, from the heart description of the changes you made to give you such incredible results. And you made some big changes! You demonstrate how easy this can be, once we make a decision, grasp some important tools, and make the mindset shift so important for implementation. Thank you for being a beacon for others – and for so generously sharing your process! All the best for your continued success.

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