Solid, simple tactics with real food and movement of your body – and your mind – to put you in the health & weight winner’s circle come January.  Part 7 of 10: “Follow the 50/50 rule for vegetable and fruits”

One of the best year-round tips I can give you for keeping your weight in check holds its ground even more during the holidays.  And that is, follow the 50/50 rule for vegetables and fruits.

Remember, it’s a plant-based diet.  That means you eat a whole lot ‘o plants.

The 50/50 rule makes it all so easy.  No need to count, weigh, measure, or otherwise addle your brain with making healthy, slimming meals.

Once I got this – well, let’s just say it took an extra 1/2 inch off of everywhere and makes keeping weight in check running like well-fed clockwork.

How the 50/50 rule works

  1. Imagine that at day’s end, you could pile all the food you ate during the day on a big platter.
  2. 1/2 of the platter should be piled with high water content vegetables and a couple of fruits.  50%
  3. The other half should be piled with all the rest of your whole foods:  Starchy vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts, legumes.  50%

There you have it.  The 50/50 rule.  This also ensures that you get:

  1. Plenty of dietary fiber which is key in satiety and keeping you naturally thin.
  2. The amazing alkalanizing effect of vegetables and fruits

If you are losing weight too quickly

Rarely do I get a complaint such as this.  But there are some skinny grrls and guys – see Real Men Eat Plants – out there wanting to plant-strong their diet yet need or want to put the brakes on weight loss.

In that case, you can change the 50/50 rule to the 1/3 – 2/3 rule.

  • 1/3 of your platter by day’s end is piled with plants.  Vegetables and fruits.

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