There’s not much I enjoy more than being able to eat well on the road, stay healthy, stay trim, and then tell all about it!

This is our haul from the market in Oaxaca town earlier today.  Every meal has been fantastically delicious and easy to prepare!  For example today’s menu:

Breakfast: chunks of fresh grapefruit, cranberry walnut bread with nut butter and banana, fresh ground java.

Lunch: avocado/onion/tomato sandwiches with jicama slices, chunks of mango, and Corona.

Dinner: vino tinto from Chile, brown jasmine rice with black beans, tomato, cucumber, salsa verde, onion..have I left anything else out?

What I love about travel to Mexico (among other things, where do I start?) Is the bounty of fresh, whole foods that makes it so easy to eat well.  I simply do a quick soak in the Microdyne drops to debug the skins, slice and chop, and go!

Wanna come over for dinner?  😉

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