Right on the heels of the advice to eat low on the food chain if you want to get lower on your body fat stores as well, today’s lunch serves as a case in point as to how easy it is to eat satisfying meals.

Meals that feed your body, your soul, and not your fat stores.

My kind of meal. It’s the BIG plate trick.

By satisfying, I mean:

  • filling
  • delicious
  • costs pennies (cheap!)
  • won’t add to your body fat  (in fact, it will help deplete them)

Barley – pea soup

Here’s how easy this was to throw together.

Step One: put barley the rice cooker to cook.  1   1/2 cups barley to 3 cups of water.

Step Two: put yellow split peas in a pot to soak

Step Three: chop onions and carrots, toss them in with the split peas, bring to boil and turn down to a simmer

Step Four: Add barley to the split pease, carrots, and onions.  Coarsely chop up a bunch of cilantro.  Add some veggie broth, white miso paste, and a twist of sea salt.

There you have it.

S-L-O-W  Burn

No need to count calories.  When you eat like this, hunger satisfaction can be your guide.

The ingredients of this invention invite a slow, even release of insulin (keeping satiety longer and affecting future meals as well), create some good TEF (thermogenic affect of food), and provide an ideal balance of macronutrients:  protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  Along with all the phyonutrition from the vegetable component.

I’ve got leftovers.  Wanna come over?

Have YOU some simple fat-busting recipe ideas to share?  Please let me know about it in comments below.

Enjoy what you eat!

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