Solid, simple tactics with real food and movement of your body – and your mind – to put you in the health & weight winner’s circle come January.  Part 3 of 10.

Food & fitness survival guide #3:  Eat before you arrive!

Warning: Do not go to a celebration, event, party, buffet – whatever it is – with hunger in your belly.

Buffet madness: pouring sugar and fat over sugar and fat. Remember, it’s not your fault that this tugs at your taste buds – it’s that biochemical pleasure cycle hook  that gets you interested. Arriving hungry just makes it worse.

Because guess what. One – or all – of the following may happen.

  • you will be sorely tempted to eat all of the foods that are presented before you
  • your judgement will waver
  • you may will make a lot of decisions about what you put in your mouth that you regret

“Eat before you arrive” may sound like just good common sense.  But it begs a reminder because I’m betting that somewhere in that beautiful brain of yours lurks the seed of the “I’ll just save up the calories for the party” mentality.

Now, has that ever turned out well for you?

The solution? See  Holiday food & fitness survival guide #2/10: How eating keeps you thin

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