The Fit Quickies™ Story…

Winging our way to scuba holiday at our favorite spot, I wondered how the “workout” schedule between dives would go – this time.

Sure, I always get plenty of exercise schlepping scuba tanks and swimming out to the reef.  We do primarily walk-in dives, so I get some good cardio kick time going to and from the drop off – where the reef slopes away a short distance from the beach.

Fit Quickie #4, Gorgeous Glutes & Hamstrings

Yet as often as I have great intentions of keeping up with “workouts” for balancing muscle strength and shape, in this Caribbean getaway it’s just too darn HOT to “work out”.  Can anyone say “temperature real feel of 107 degrees”? So my best laid plans usually sputter and fade a few days in.

This time, I decided to try something different.

Over the previous months, I had cultivated a short mental list of some of my body-sculpting favorites.  Little challenges that I discovered I could do that allowed me to work deep into specific muscles for a fantastic body-shaping result, but WITHOUT the lengthy commitment of a workout and the sweat factor that comes with same.

So on this trip, every day (or two!) I’d pull 2 – 3 of these moves out of my hat.  Some I could do plopped down on the floor, watching the palms sway a few feet away.  Some I could do with the assist of the kitchen counter while waiting for the morning java to press.  Heck, some I could do anchored against the side of our dive truck while waiting for my dive buddy to finish loading his gear.

The 'original' Fit Quickies™ were in audio format only. Now, you also get videos and transcripts with your Fit Quickies™

The effect was brilliant!

Not only did I keep my shape, I felt GREAT by adding these in (I love the feel and instant “tighten up” effect of isolated, targeted muscle overload). 

Gee Lani, I thought, these you could take anywhere easily and toss them into all kinds of situations.

Little bits of fitness.


Thus, “Fit Quickies” was born!

Yes, while paddling beneath the waves with my fine-bubbled fish friends on the last day of diving, the idea hit me like a tsunami and as soon as we hit dry land, I was jotting down quick names for my favorite quickies – even combining them into effective packages – because I KNEW this was going to be something other women would love.

I’d focus on those areas of the body that are most neglected yet also responsible for giving us great shape and a graceful strideAbs, triceps, inner thighs, gluteals and hamstrings, thighs.  They’re all in there.

And I’d make it easy for them by creating little audios to load onto ipods or mp3 players so all they had to do was follow along. Practice Tracks. I’d save the bigger chunk of specific instructions for another audio.  That quickly became the Tutorial Tracks.

Here’s what it would look like:

1)  You pick your Fit Quickie

2)  You download the 2 tracks that come with it:  the Tutorial Track and the Practice Track

3)  You listen to the Tutorial for clear instructions about practice.

4)  You play the Practice Track and….practice!

There you have it!


  • You can play any track again, if you’d like to do additional reps
  • You can refer to the Tutorial Track at any time to hone your skills and build mastery
  • You can pepper these in throughout the day as instant invigorators – and by day’s end, you have completed a full workout!
  • You can pick the Fit Quickies that best match your targeted body shaping concerns and mix them in with your other workouts
  • And you have multiple tools for keeping up with your body-shaping ideals when life throws you an offbeat schedule.  Such as a crazy week.  A holiday travel opportunity.
  • You create a full workout by stringing all the Fit Quickies together.  Mix ’em up to keep the challenge changing.

Fit Quickie #1: 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly

Fit Quickie #1:  An obvious choice!

My video “7 Seconds to a Flat Belly” became the perfect starting point for Fit Quickies.

After all, it is DONE in under 5 minutes, is enormously effective (of course I do this one myself!), and to date has had over 53,000 hits on You Tube with many email inquiries to match.  It’s been the key point in more than one Booty Camp.

It’s a no brainer.

Flash Forward to Fit Quickies™ Present

The Fit Quickies™ collection has now grown and deepened.  Even though it started with my idea for quick audio tracks, I kept getting more urgent ‘demands’ for video.

I’m not complaining – I love the feedback and I love that you are digging these body-shaping fitness nuggets!

Today the Fit Quickies™ Collection includes:

  • 10 Fit Quickies™
  • Each Fit Quickie now comes with 6 instructional pieces:
  1. audio tutorial
  2. audio practice
  3. video tutorial
  4. video practice
  5. transcript of the audio tutorial
  6. transcript of the audio practice
  • The Fit Quickies™ Express 50 audio, a 50 minute track with Fit Quickies™ # 1 – 8
  • They can be downloaded one at a time, 2 at a time, or any combination of the 10 that you choose, OR
  • They can be downloaded as a package with all tracks of all 10 Fit Quickies™ including the Fit Quickies Express 50 track
  • They are all set to MUSIC which is a proved motivator when it comes to working out.  Research demonstrates that when we work out to music, we work out harder than what our perceived exertion levels tell us.  What does that mean for you?  You push harder and get more out of your workout time investment even though it feels more fun!

There you have it!  You can see the entire Fit Quickies™ collection, including snapshots from the video, muscles worked with each, and why they are important muscles to challenge on the Fit Quickies™ page here:  the Fit Quickies™ Collection.

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