The Mindful Vegan Interview: Jane Velez Mitchell with Lani Muelrath


Imagine my delight when the text message from media superstar Jane Velez Mitchell popped up on my phone.  Jane was inviting me to join her in a facebook live broadcast to give a sneak preview of The Mindful Vegan A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness.

And we managed to get a lot of information into these eight short minutes!

  • the  linchpin process for me personally in making the difference with my health, my weight, and relationship to food, eating and my body – and for navigating so many things in life!
  • why The Mindful Vegan is presented in a 30-day plan
  • what does ‘mindfulness’ mean?  You’ll hear my concise definition
  • how our incessantly wandering minds can lead to sadness, depression, cravings, obsessions, addiction – and the mindfulness solution
  • the research:  what part does it play in The Mindful Vegan?
  • The Mindful Vegan Virtual Retreat:  what it is and how to get your free ticket
  • how reactivity causes misery – and how mindfulness gives us a new freedom from automaticity
  • why I don’t use the words ‘weight loss’ – and what I prefer to say instead
  • moving people away from the term ‘food addict’ to another view, with mindful eating
  • mindful eating – what is it?
  • how healthy vegan, whole plant foods are the best match for finding your naturally healthy weight
  • Jane’s invitation to join her as she dives into The Mindful Vegan!

Thank you, Jane Velez Mitchell, for this extraordinary opportunity to open more hearts and minds to The Mindful Vegan!


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