There’s no image or description (yet!), but she’s there and ready for pre-order action.  The Fit Quickies book does have company, my author bio is up too.  Yay!

To celebrate, there are bonus gifts waiting for you as a big thank you when you pop on over and pre-order.  Read on for all the options (there are 3) and how to collect your bonus goodies!

Fit Quickies:  5 Minute, Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts from The Plant-Based Fitness Expert is set for release Feb. 5, 2013.  I know February may seem like a long way off – it’s amazing the steps book publication goes through. I’m deeply grateful to the pros at Penguin, special contributors, and my team of supportive fitness and nutrition experts for their generosity and working so tirelessly to bring this book to you with the best information, images, and edits possible.

We’re up on Amazon Special!

On to the juicy details!  In excitement over the book page going up and to get you fired up for fitness with an even better body for Fall, choose from these 3 options when you pre-order your copy by Septbember 5:

Pre-order Special Gift Option  #1:   Pre-order your copy of the Fit Quickies book and I’ll send you one Fit Quickie video and audio download of your choice (selected from the Fit Quickies page), or….

Pre-order Special Gift Option #2:  Pre-order your copy of the Fit Quickies book and I’ll send you q coupon for the full Fit Quickies video/audio collection at 50% off  (save 48.50!), or…

Pre-order Special Gift Option #3:   I must have a gift for those who already own the entire Fit Quickies download collection already.  Option #3 when you forward your pre-order link to me is a $10 coupon off of any of my products or services.  That includes Boot Camp Mind, Lani’s Dessert, or my soon-to-be-released NEW product Plant-Based BlueprintTM (surprise!) or my next online Love Your Body Boot Camp (yes!).

No, your eyes do not deceive you!  I’m ready for action.  Are you?

Time sensitive and how to grab your special gift

So, why am I doing this special when Fit Quickies sell so easily every day on their own?  Because I want to give you that swift little kick in the hmmhmm to step up the action on your summer-winds-down while fall-ramps-up fitness plan  And to give this fun, fitness and food-filled book a happy out-of-the gate greeting.  Pre-sales are part of what helps books do well, and I want to give you an inside advantage out of appreciation for your support, loyalty, and friendship.  Here’s how to collect your Special Offer.

Step 1:  Go to and preorder the Fit Quickies book.  (Up at Barnes and Noble, too!)

Step 2:  Forward your receipt to me via email to

Step 3:  In your email, designate which Special Offer you desire.  If #1, state which Fit Quickie download you would like me to send the link to.  If Offer #2, tell me so and I will send you a discount coupon code to retrieve your FULL Fit Quickie video/audio download collection at 50% off.  (You save $48.50!)  If Option #3, just let me know and I’ll send you the details.

Remember, this offer is active only through September 4!

Note:  Your coupon codes or links will be sent to you  by September 7.   As this offer is good through September 4, your book order receipt needs to be received by that date.

Inside peek: the Fit Quickies book

When Penguin Publishing came to me proposing I turn the Fit Quickies into a book,  I said fine, on one condition.  It had to include the 3 pillars.  Not only exercise, but diet, and motivation or mastery of mindsetall 3 are critical legs to lasting success at health, weight loss, and a healthy happy relationship with food, eating, and your body.  I won’t try to stand up a tripod on just one leg.  They enthusiastically agreed, so all 3 addressed in the book.

Fit Quickies Book Section 1:  Exercise prescription, including 15 Fit Quickies (yes, there are new ones in the book!) with multiple pages for each exercise.  Each is described for the problem area it addresses, the muscles worked, the Fit Quickie solution, how to set up each exercise, modifications, and photographs to boot.

Fit Quickies Book Section 2:  Nutrition!  Here is where you’ll read the in-depth story of my journey as a formerly on again-off again formerly fat vegetarian with finally a 50 lb weight loss that’s lasted over a dozen years.  You’ll see an in-depth, up-close-and-very-personal story of my journey.  And how to learn from my experience specific tactics for making it your own.

Fit Quickies Book Section 3:  Motivation and Mindset Training – the 3rd leg!

Thanks so much for sharing in the excitement.  Think of it as planning ahead for a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself – with an instant access bonus!

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