Before we detail my instant body-shaping expert strategy, let me start by asking you 3 questions:

1)  Have you ever felt like you are not getting the body-shaping results you should from all the time you are putting into your workouts?

2)  Does it sometimes seem as if year after year has gone by, and nothing has changed about your shape?

3)  Do you notice there are some spots you just cannot figure out HOW to target – like those inner thighs?

Booty Camp Countdown Video #1: My story

I promised you an effective inner thigh exercise that will get you results in Body Transformation Booty Camp Countdown Video #1, but I’m going to do more than that.

You’ll need to watch Video #2 to get the exercise.  And here’s  my simple 2-Step Body Shaping technique that I like to call The Instant Body Shaping Expert Strategy.

This is the technique that I have added to my workout rotation that has dramatically impacted my body shape in the past 2 years by challenging those hard-to-reach muscles like those inner thighs.



Booty Camp Countdown Video #2: Isolation, overload, and inner thighs

Imagine what YOU could do with stronger, leaner, more beautiful legs.

You know the feeling I’m talking about – your energy spikes, your physical confidence blossoms, and you feel like you can do anything!

Take note: A few minutes on exercises each week that use the Instant Body Shaping Expert strategy  will bring results because they ARE so targeted.

That’s what happened for me, and I’m not sharing that to brag, I’m sharing it because if those results are what you’ve been craving, I have great news!

This strategy is the foundation of my Fit Quickies.  Because when I started to seriously incorporate this strategy into  my workouts, my body changed in ways that I had previously been unable to achieve.   It’s one of the reasons that Fit Quickies have gotten such an amazing response.

First, I’m going to explain why this strategy is such an effective part of a get-your-amazing-shape plan, and why it should be included in your workout rotations.
Then, pop right over to access the video ( Click HERE for immediate access) where I’ll show you why using a simple playground ball as one of your workout toys can make a difference, and why it is more effective for muscle activation overload compared to foam padding.
Finally (also on the video) , I’ll teach you that inner thigh exercise I promised in video #1 so you can have something specific to implement today. (see the video for this portion)

Instant Body Shaping Expert!


The Instant Body Shaping Expert strategy I’m talking about can be described in 2 keywords: isolation and overload.

You’ve heard me talk about this before, and I could go on and on about how powerful this method can be for creating incredible shape and saving you time while giving you results.

If all you are doing is compound exercises in your workout routines, then you are missing out on the magic that isolation and overload can deliver.

Compound exercises are those that use lots of muscles together in any exercise, such as squats, plies, and pushups.  These are important to have in your workout rotations, because they create functional fitness, wellness, and can burn lots of calories.

Compound exercises can leave the little guys in the dust

However,  as these exercises use large muscle groups together, they can allow those smaller, less-worked muscles to check out of the process and kind of go along for the ride.

And as luck would have it, these muscles are also very important when it comes to shaping the body.

Take the inner thighs.  They do fire up a little with each step we take, but their investment in that workload is minimal.  Is it any wonder that they lose condition?  Isolating and overloading forces these muscles to activate, delivering a whole different feel to the inner thighs.   Electromyography – electronic measurement of muscle activation – proves this out.

We’re almost ready to learn that inner thigh exercise, but before I teach it to you, I’m going  to show you why a simple playground ball is such an effective workout toy compared to foam padding as resistance when it comes to isolation and overload.

Ready to learn that inner thigh exercise?

For those of you who are already doing Fit Quickie #2, Inner thigh squeeze and tease, you’re in luck because now you will be able to see for the first time on video how I set this up.  And if you don’t know Fit Quickie #2 now you’ll see what all the buzz is about.

Look, if you are one of the women who struggles with motivation to get your workouts in, it’s really not your fault.  Between you and me, if you aren’t getting results, why would you be motivated?

Getting a great  body shape is extremely rewarding and though you have to work to get it, is simple to achieve if you implement the right tools and have a few toys to help you step up to the challenge.  Isolation and overload is pivotal to my personal body shaping program and it’s my fitness freedom duty to tell you about it, too!

Again, pop on over HERE to access the Instant Body Shaping Expert video with demonstration of the exercise – something you can use right away in just minutes. Today.

Then, please tell me if this video has been helpful to you.  I’d love for you to leave your comments, feedback and replies..  This helps me to bring you even more helpful content in future videos.

There you have it.

Squeeze on!

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