San Francisco’s great-bodies golden girl, Burr Leonard of  Bar Method fame, has just released 2 new DVDs.

For at home workouts these 2  will absolutely anchor your collection..

I’m a BIG Bar Method fan and do Bar Method workouts about twice a week.  Plus, I am a targeted body shaping addict and Bar Method allows me to indulge my passion for this.

Combined with squeezing in my Fit Quickies several times a week, I’ve got all I need for making big changes in my body shape that are just getting better.

If you are not familiar with Bar Method, it is a no-nonsense technique that integrates interval training with isometrics and stretching into its sequence.

It meets my essential requirement of being grounded in physical therapy for a body that not only looks extraordinary yet moves also with grace and ease.

Tried and true Bar Method sequence

On her new DVDs, Burr Leonard follows the tried and true sequence of instruction that begins with upper body and progresses into thigh and seat, then abs, with a finish of seat work and stretch on the floor.

Both of these new DVDs are excellent.  I’m partial to Super Sculpting 1 because it’s got pretzel in it, one of my favorite all-time moves for shaping in the, ahem, ‘backyard’.  There are something like 100 counts of pretzel on each side which is just fine with me!

Burr pulls out a whole new set of challenges with the abdominal work.  I actually like the ab sequence in Super Sculpting 1 better than any other Bar Method ab sequence I’ve seen on Burr’s DVDs.

Super Sulpting 1 and 2 utilize different casts and there are both women and men in each.  Alternating these DVDs or mixing them up with your others in your rotation works extremely well.  They are each about an hour in length.

Finally, I can’t let you go without making a comment on Burr’s instruction

I am very glad to see Burr as instructor in both of these new DVDs because she has the rare quality of being able to be fully present with powerful instruction without becoming annoying after a few playthroughs.

You know how that is?  Some DVD instructors just start to get on your nerves, either because of their over-the-top energy or cutesy comments.

It doesn’t happen with Burr and for that, Burr, I thank you once again.

You can pick up the new BM DVDs at a Bar Method studio or online at the Bar Method website.

Bar Method fan?  Have you tried the new Super Sculpting DVDs?  Tell me about it in comments below!

And if you’re not getting me weekly tips, news, and insider info then pop right into FREE STUFF and snap up  your copy!

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