In this interview for North State Public Radio, Nancy Wiegman of the popular show Nancy’s Bookshelf interviews yours truly about  my book The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and HappinessI snapped the photo (left) just before stepping inside the North State Public Radio (local NPR affiliate) in Chico for this interview.

In this interview, find out:

~ How I got started on my path the vegetarian/vegan – 45 years ago!

~ What does being ‘vegan’ mean, anyway?

~ Excerpts from Dr. Neal Barnard’s Foreword to The Mindful Vegan

~ Insights into the over 1600 surveys conducted during the writing of The Mindful Vegan. What did people most want help with?

~ My watershed moment!

~ Common misunderstandings about mindfulness practice – and a simple description for you

~Why mindfulness meditation practices begin with a focus on the breath

~ Find out about S.T.O.P – the simply process for relieving stress and restoring mindfulness in and instant

~ Learn what role Dr. Dean Ornish had in the writing of this book

~ Find out the most important thing to keep in mind when having a conversation with those who are not vegan or vegetarian

…for starters!

Nancy is a delightful host, very positive about diving into all things vegan and mindfulness.  As a yoga teacher herself, she has a solid background in these things.

I hope you enjoy the show!  Please share your thoughts in replies below, or on the YouTube page itself.

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