Dear Oprah,

It has just come to my attention that you have recently released a new book Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations Wisdom of Sundays:, on just about the same day as my new book The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness. 

In reports about the book launch event you hosted at your home in Santa Barbara in October, 2017, I have gleaned this quote attributed to you:

“Everything in this book comes from the spirit of what I’ve been trying to do here on the planet Earth since I recognized that I had a calling,” she said. “It’s sharing wisdom in a way that opens people up to the best of themselves, to the heart of themselves, to a more purposeful life — a life that allows you to literally get woke and stay woke.”

In “opening to the best of ourselves”, I want to applaud the fact that you had vegan options available at your brunch, attended, it appears, by some three hundred people.

At the same time, also served was “fried chicken and waffles, a Southern Culture Grits Bar, soul food sides and a seafood bar with mac and cheese…”

Does “the best of ourselves” include utilizing billions of animals – such as the chickens and the dairy cows and the creatures of the sea – and subjecting them to horrors of incarceration and farm ‘management’ so that humans can enjoy a few minutes of favorite tastes? To me, these are inconsistent with an “get woke and stay woke” world.

As a world thought leader, I ask you, would it not be possible to take such a simple yet fundamental step toward the betterment of our world and our humanity as to cease involving ourselves in treating other sentient beings as objects in this fashion?

As a world thought leader, I ask, would it not be possible for you to advance the message of the tremendous relief to our environmental crisis the switch to veganism brings?

These are the true meaning of a purposeful life. Yes, there is lots of other work to be done, which you are engaging in with your work in education and advancing the well-being of women worldwide, among others. Yet why not step into this dimension, so easy to do, in a bigger way? The result is decreased human suffering (due to relief from the cognitive dissonance of loving animals while eating them, relief from the disease-promoting potential of animal products) along with that of the other sentient being with which we share this planet. One can start by simply being as vegan as possible.

I hope that your book inspires many. And that you open your heart to this other dimension and easy way of ‘getting woke and staying woke”.

May all beings be healthy and happy in 2018 and beyond,

Lani Muelrath


A Note to My Dear Readers,
This open letter, originally posted on my facebook page December 31, 2017, is being published here for a couple of reasons so that it can be shared with you, should we not currently be connected on social media.  it is also being published here to increase the chances of this letter actually making its way into Oprah’s hands and heart.  Extensive support and encouragement by those who saw my letter on facebook urging me to find more ways to circulate the letter and increase the chances of Oprah reading same is another reason you are reading this here.
Please share your thoughts about this letter in comments below – and join the rest of us in creating a wider spread of the contents by sharing in social media and with friends. I look forward to your thoughts, and thank you.
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