Rockie, who became an overnight sensation and quickly claimed fame as the plant-based fitness mascot, is now a year old.   Greg has just released video #4 “Rockie IV:  Ready for my close-up!”

You’ll see Rockie swinging in a hammock, leaping off tall buildings (well, off the roof of our house to human shoulders anyway), meticulously peeling the red skin off of peanuts, and even enjoying her birthday cake.  Which was a bowl of peanuts, of course.  Rockie is all over a plant-based diet.

Links to Rockies first 3 videos, if you missed them, follow.  And if you leave a birthday greeting for Rockie below, I’ll be sure she gets it.

I must admit I’m envious of Rockie being able to eat all those peanuts and still stay trim.

Rockie video #1:  The Saga of Rockie the Squirrel

Rockie video #2:  Rockie the Squirrel:  The Saga Continues

Rockie video #3:  Rockie 3:  Rise of the Bushy Tail

Have you a birthday message you’d like me to give Rockie?  She’d love to hear from you.  Just leave your note in replies below and I’ll get it to her.


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