Mindset is just as important as what you eat and how you move your body when it comes to healthy, happy living.

And no one is better at reminding us about the value of stopping to smell the roses – or the joy of simply chomping on a peanut or two – than Rockie, our plant-based fitness mascot.  Get ready to have your willpower reserves replenished with this relaxing, restorative, and absolutely charming short – Rockie our rescue squirrel’s first music video.

P.S.  Just in case you missed videos #1 – #4:

Rockie video #1:  The Saga of Rockie the Squirrel

Rockie video #2:  Rockie the Squirrel:  The Saga Continues

Rockie video #3:  Rockie 3:  Rise of the Bushy Tail

Rockie video #4:  Ready for my Close-Up!

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