Where'd the fruit go?

The end of overeating.

It’s the title of a new book I’ve just barely heard about. Has it crossed your path yet?

I don’t know a thing about it except what the picture is on the cover.  It shows a piece of carrot cake sitting near a carrot.

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what this book is about, and if I’m right, then all I can say is right on and hallelujah!

But I don’t really know what this book is about.  I decided NOT to take a look at it until I had a chance to come in and tell YOU what I think it’s all about.  Taking a stand in advance.

Then I’ll take a look and get back to you.

The Book Cover And Title Tell It All – I Think!

Honestly. If we were more devoted diet-wise to the real deal (carrots) rather than the alluring, seductive carrot cake (see book cover left), do we truly think there would be so many weight problems?

Would weight loss, fat loss, size management and all their complications be the issues that they are in our abundant Western society today?

We can be such spoiled brats – wanting to have our carrots AND our carrot cake, too.  And every day. Far more often than our bodies were designed to handle the calorie load.

Here’s my guess on the book content:  if we were not overwhelmed each day with the wide variety of non-nutritious, tempting edibles in market, media, and our pantries each day, and managed our food availability to be higher quality, whole and natural foods, then the question of obesity and overweight, in most circumstances, would vanish.

That’s what I think the title and cover image are hinting at, and what this book is all about.

OK, now that I’ve conjectured content – I’m off to read some book synopsis and reviews.  And then I’ll report back in on my findings.

Anyone else read this book yet?  Looking forward to comparing notes!

P.S.  Read Part 2 of this series here

photo by Saquan

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