Flabbergastingly awesome!”

Those are the words that the head of acquisitions at my publisher said to me today in an email in reference to the book endorsements that have come in for Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts.

“Flabbergastingly awesome! I’ve never seen anyone get such a good bunch of endorsements, ever!” are her words precisely. And she’s been in the upper ranks of publishing for 20 some years.

Really? I am humbled and honored by this enthusiastic support from among the most respected people in the plant-based and fitness community and can you see why I am so thrilled to share this news with you?

And I am thankful to YOU because of the role you have played.  Without loyal readership, a voice isn’t heard, and you’ve been there all along.

To make things even more fun I’m throwing a win a Fit Quickies book contest.  We’ll call it the ‘flabbergastingly awesome” contest.

Here’s how this Fit Quickies book contest works.

There are no less than eleven endorsement quotes for the Fit Quickies book.  Too many to fit on the cover, so 5 (some in excerpt) are on the front and back cover and the rest will be right inside on the first pages for you to see.

To enter the contest:  name the cover 5!

To win the free (personally signed) book contest, name the 5 people whose endorsements that you venture to guess made the cover.  Name all 5 and win!

If there is a tie, a simple drawing will settle the winner. (My escape clause is if the cover goes up on the Fit Quickies Amazon page before the contest ends!)

We’ll run the contest entries collection through Sunday, October 28, 2012, and announce the winner on October 29.

Specific instructions:

Below in replies, list the 5 you venture to guess made the front and back cover by Sunday, October 28, 2012.

That’s it!

The winner will receive their personally signed copy of Fit Quickies as soon as I can get it to you.  Of course, it is coming out February 2013 so there will be a tiny bit of a wait, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun now.

To add to the mystery, I’ve included some screen captures snagits from the working cover – that’s what you see here on this post.  Quite soon the full cover will be ready and I can’t wait for you to see it!  For now, please join the fun and excitement in the “flabbergastingly awesome” win a Fit Quickies book contest.

Enter below, or on my facebook page.  Let’s go!  Before the cover actually goes up and all bets are off!




Update:  More than 50 entered the contest and we had no less than 27 matches on getting 2 of the cover 5!  Not the same 2 in all cases, yet 2 nonetheless.  This led to a random drawing from the 27, with the winning draw going to Vikki Calvin Deedrick.  Congratulations on your personally signed copy of Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts, Vikki!  And thanks to all who entered.  More fun on the horizon – stay tuned!

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