In this twenty-eight minute video, discover a quick, crisp overview of the five universal steps of transition to a sustainable plant-based diet as presenting in The Plant-Based Journey.

The Five Universal Steps of Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

Not a bad situation to have Rosane Oliveira PhD of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program “open” for me at the SacTown Vegfest held in Sacramento on January 30.

Even better, the organizers recorded each presentation and has just uploaded them to YouTube. Which means I can share this presentation of “The Five Universal Steps of Transition to a Plant-Based Diet” with you.



As I explain – and tell also in Journey – these five steps are called universal because they are essential to every person who  has transitioned to a plant-based diet sustainably.

That means that for three, five, fifteen or more years – as revealed in the extensive surveys of over 1200 people that I conducted during the writing of The Plant-Based Journey, the experience of my clients and students, and my personal transition – they continue to thrive on plant-based living.

Sustainability is key.

Quick weight loss, two week wonders, and quick change that just as quickly changes back doesn’t interest me.

Give me the solution that revolutionizes lives for arriving at and maintaining a naturally healthy weight, and living in joy and ease with your food, eating, and your body.

Twenty Minutes

Usually, a sixty to ninety minute block of time is what I have to play with  – including Q and A.

This time, thirty minutes total time was all each speaker was allotted.  Which means about twenty minutes “showtime” and ten for audience interaction – my favorite part!

The good news is that this means that you now have a condensed version of the five steps of transition overview in video.

Which can be just the right amount for an intro, overview, review – or sharing with a friend.

I hope you enjoy this presentation!  Looking forward to your thoughts.

The Five Steps

  1. Awakening
  2. Scout
  3. Rookie
  4. Rockstar
  5. Champion
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