Sometimes mail comes in that I’ve just got to share with you.

Here’s one that landed in my box today.



Shows what is BEST about helping other women lose weight, get in shape, and take charge of their health destiny.

When we enlist the right support, we show our power.

And this came just in time for this week’s Preview Call for the Glutes, Abs, and Arms class for May.

Rhonda, you’ve inspired ME.

THANK you for taking the time to put this into words.

And sending it to me.

And telling me to publish it!  So I am going to shamelessly do just that.



I guess all I can say is better late than never?

I wanted to tell you, that the biggest benefit I got from your online booty camp was the knowledge that I, for myself, really need someone to be accountable to.  The Booty Camp experience yielded so many ahhh moments and I lost weight and inches during the month.

I learned that I can push my body but to also listen to when I need to back off.  I really enjoyed the forums and all the tips and tweaks you are so wonderful at providing.

But the biggest thrill I got was telling myself to workout like you were in the room with me so that as each week passed I felt better, my form improved and I learned so much.  I had problems in March from a motivational perspective and also from a life experience that totally overwhelmed me.   Then a family matter literally dropped me to my knees.

But now with some distance and time between me and your February Booty Camp class, I learned that I made great strides and improvements during that time in terms of strength and knowledge.

And I learned to eat better along with form improvements.

I also learned that while life can stress you out, if your body is stronger from using a philosophy like the one you imparted to us during the February Class,  you can endure the life issues and emerge strong.

I am doing better.  I continue to eat fairly well, and I am down a size.

I am down some pounds, about 15 in total.

I began working out again consistently and I found that all the strides I made from your  Booty Camp are still with me today and I am not starting over from a regressed position.

My body maintained its strength and I begin April with a new zeal and I will be ready for May’s Gams, Glutes, and Abs Class, knowing my body is ready for its new work to begin.

I am still on track to make my goal size/fitness by August 26.

Thanks to you, Lani, for all you did for me.

~ Rhonda Kontos, IN.

Rhonda underscores something very, very important, and that is the value of finding mentoring and support in those endeavors which you find especially challenging.  For many women, it is health, weight loss, fitness, and body image.  For others, it may be business, or organization, or parenting, or….

If you find your weight, body image and health challenges continue to be daunting, seek support.  If not from me, from someone else with proven expertise who seems like a good match.  It will change your life.

Do YOU think accountability makes a difference?  Go to comments below and share your thoughts!

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