I am thrilled with the contents and format of this new book from  Dr. John and Mary McDougall. When it comes to building a foundation of health, it really is so simple and McDougall keeps reminding us of just that.

A whole-foods, low fat, vegan diet is easy to implement and a joy to experience, coupled with the easy weight loss and health that results. In response to contemporary debate about what the first humans on the planet ate, the point is we are an omnivorous species and can easily do – and thrive – without the health, environmental and humane issues surrounding the use of animal products.  There’s no reason any more to eat animals, and an unending list of reasons not to.

When people object that the changes are too inconvenient, I answer it is far less inconvenient than being fat and hungry at the same time.  Let me show you how I do it, I’m always happy to share.

The Starch Solution is a rich resource of research supported answers to so many common questions that I encounter in my practice on a daily basis, and having them so beautifully packaged in one place is a big package under the Christmas tree.  Questions such as, “Where do you get your protein?” ” Where do you get your calcium?  “Aren’t potatoes fattening?” The answers are all in there.

The McDougall approach is forming the foundation of nutrition programs that are in place and growing around the country, including Meals for Health and Whole Foods Market. And the recipes are from Mary’s premium collection – I made her whole-wheat biscuits for breakfast this morning, adding grated orange peel to the batter and with the oats in the recipe they tasted like giant oatmeal cookies.

A bold, honest piece of work, which we expect and appreciate from Team McDougall. Stars all over the chart.

Teleclass introduction to the Starch Solution May 31

Each month, I offer a Training Teleclass to my  Success Club Membership and FitDream Fusion Inner Circle.   The May training will be devoted to an introduction and overview of The Starch Solution, including all the Q and A we have time for.  If you are not already a member, you can sign up now and information about the call will be sent to you prior to the call on the 31st.

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