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My friend Jill Nussinow, aka The Veggie Queen, has recently created a wonderful cookbook with a unique theme.

And she’s giving a copy of the downloadable electronic book for one of my lucky readers.

Nutrition CHAMPS – 200 recipes

True to form –  as all of Jill’s work, this book  is extraordinary.

You may recognize Jill from her pressure cooker cookbook The New Fast Food. Jill Nussinow MS, RD, l is a nutrition professional, and a registered dietitian at the Masters level.

Jill’s Nutrition CHAMPS  is a paperback and downloadable electronic cookbook with 200 recipes, many of which are gluten-free, no oil, low or no sugar and salt.

CHAMPS is an acronym for six food groups that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer in nature: cruciferous vegetables,, herbs and spices, alliums,, mushrooms, pulses, and seeds and nuts.

Cruciferous Vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower)
Herbs and Spices
Alliums (onions)
Pulses (beans, peas and lentils)
Seeds and Nuts

Nutrition Champs includes recipes from each of these 6 groups of food.


Jill’s recipes are augmented by those from some of your favorite cookbook authors, bloggers and writers including Dreena Burton, Fran Costigan, Miyoko Schinner, Ellen Jaffe Jones, Chef AJ,  Mary McDougall, Robin Robertson,  Chef AJ, Robin Robertson, yours truly, and too many more to list here.

The breadth of recipes from breakfast to desserts cover all the CHAMPS foods, including raw, cooked and pressure cooked. You will learn more about the health benefits of each food category, with tempting recipes that you can eat daily.


How to win a copy of Jill Nussinow’s Nutrition CHAMPS!

In comments below, leave the reply to the following questions:

  1. Which CHAMPS group – Cruciferous Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, Alliums, Mushrooms, Pulses (beans, peas and lentils)
    Seeds and Nuts – do you find yourself eating regularly, and
  2. Which CHAMPS group could stand show up on your plate a little more often?

And if you are eating all of them on a regular basis, well, tell us that too!

A winner will be selected from all entered by midnight EST Monday, March 9.

With the talented and industrious Miyoko Schinner and Jill Nussinow at our book signing

Happily situated between two of my favorite cooks, author of CHAMPS Jill Nussinow (right) and Miyoko Schinner (left) at our book signing table, Vegetarian Summerfest


P.S. The Veggie Queen herself came by and left this instructive comment in the replies and contest entries below:

Alliums also include garlic, shallots, green onions, leeks and chives. They all add so much flavor and I use them often.

Thanks, Jill!

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