Just because I always like what my workouts do doesn’t mean I always like to work out.

There is a difference you know.  Sure, I enjoy the process of a job well done just like you.

Yet more often than not, when it comes to working out, the real joy comes from the exhilaration and empowerment that the countdown of those last few reps bring – each and every time.

It’s about staying focused on results to give motivation a huge, huge boost.

This means I also take my workouts with me on our travels, though they take on a form of their own.  Travel fitness and body shaping are exactly the reasons that I came up with Fit Quickies.  I can do them any place, any time, in just about any order, in whatever pockets of time I can fit them in.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when there is a magnificent view to enjoy while  pumping out Thigh Warriors or Topless Muffins.

Such was the case this morning on the shores of Lake Como, where I shot the short minute of video for you above just before a Fit Quickie winning combination, one of my favorites.

Here is my morning workout for you if you’d like to try it out yourself.  It took a whopping 10 minutes, chica!

  1. #10, Leg Plays: Brings all the muscles of the legs into play quite quickly – perfect warmup!
  2. #6,  Thigh Warriors:  Huge calorie burner because of the way it fires up those quads.
  3. # 9, Stand Up Seat: Named so because of the way it makes your seat stand UP!
  4. # 5, Topless Muffins: I did one of my stand up variations of this puppy.  It hits all those spots that go to smoosh if we don’t challenge them.  You know, back of the waist, outside of the seat…and the seat itself.

Try this combo today and watch what happens with your energy, muscle awareness, and shape.  And if you’re not familiar with them, you can see pictures of these Fit Quickies on the Fit Quickies pages by going to Fit Quickies™ now.

And remember to stay focused on your results to keep you motivated.  Then tell me what motivated YOU to get to your workout today in comments below.

But you’ll have to provide your own view.  Of course, you could watch my Lake Como video again.  😉

Gotta run – there’s an alp out back that Greg wants me to climb with him!

P.S. Have you downloaded your Free Fitness Kit yet?  More time-saving energizers and a free Fit Quickie are yours when you go here now.

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