These  6 7 struck the deepest chord, according to page views.  The plant-strong fitness blog hit over 1 million 300 thousand page views in 2011 – let’s hear it for simple fitness and the plants, what a combination!  It’s simple, it’s happy, it’s fun, it’s delicious.  Stick with me.

Just in case you missed these 7:

Merry wildlife Christmas! The Saga of Rockie our Squirrel – NEW video

I wish I had one hair of a fraction of the popularity that our wildlife rescue squirrel Rocki enjoys.  Facebook just about crashes every time I upload a picture of her.

It’s been a few months now since Rockie first ventured into our life.

And my favorite videographer Greg has made a charming, moving, and sometimes hilarious film of our first months with Rockie.

Please feel free to link forward, and share this with family and friends and watch the Rockie Saga (pt 1) video HERE >>>



3 G’s to the rescue:  Greens, go in, and get moving

How do I tell you about this without sounding like I’m whining? Or maybe things have been all effed up for you this week too.

Look, is there some kind of solar storm I don’t know about?  Can I blame all this on a recent eclipse?  Give me something to pin this mess on!

Feeling sorry for myself lasted about 20 minutes….Read more >>>>>>>


How to create your own healthy, fit, happy & hot ripple effect in 7 days

Your assignment – should you choose to accept it (you know you want to!)- is to set up a schedule for the next week.  Sit down and DO it.  Just look to the next 7 days, then reassess.  You can do anything for a week.

To keep it simple, let’s focus on the 3 basics:

  • exercise
  • food plan
  • mindset

Read the rest of creating your own fit, happy & hot ripple effect >>>>

The 4 pillars of the ideal workout schedule: What the research says

I  know you count on me to get important, relevant and real (as in hype-free) fitness news into your hands.

So when one of my professional journals arrived today with a full report on exercise guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM, the gold standard of fitness research) with the latest, I knew I had to get it to you straight away.

Read all  the details on the ideal workout schedule here >>>>


Do mini-meals help you lose weight by raising your metabolic rate?

It’s time to shatter another fitness myth.

A few days ago, I signed up for a 10-day free “fitness and fat loss” ecourse.

It musta been my evil twin.

OK, I admit it, I so suspected that it would be a rehash of the same old fat-loss myths that have been perpetuated like a bad game of ‘telephone’ that I couldn’t pass it up. More>>>>>


How to make slimming Smokey Butternut Lentil Soup in minutes

An overwhelming number of responders to this year’s surveys wanted to know more about what I eat each day to be healthy, energetic, trim…and have that happy relationship with food, eating, and my body.

Well, I’m not shy about ANY of these topics – as you must know by now I’m an open book on all of it.  Read more and get the recipe >>>>>>

Better than the ‘4 Hour Body’? & Did you see Tim Ferriss on Dr. Oz?

Hi Lani!

I’ve been using your 15-minute blast strategy every morning and it’s the best exercise program I’ve ever found.  It’s BETTER than Tim Ferriss’ strategies in the 4-Hour Body, and much, MUCH easier to implement!  

~ Monica Heyden, CEO, Tailored

If you haven’t read Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body (guilty!) or seen him on the Dr. Oz show (I caught the segment on a flight out of DC a few days ago), here’s what happened on the Dr. Oz  piece.  Read more >>>>>


‘Fat burning’ what? The truth about ‘fat blasting’ workouts

The lure of the “fat burning workout!” via emails and newsletters comes across my desk often, as you can imagine. And I know you see it a lot, too.

Yet I’ve seen this phrase create so much confusion among those eager for fitness and fat loss.

Yes, exercise is important when it comes to helping you “burn fat”. It creates an extremely valuable fat burning effect. And I applaud my fitness pro colleagues for encouraging us to move as an important tool to reducing fat stores. But….Read more>>>>


There you have it!  What was your favorite post on the plant-strong fitness expert blog this year?  Share in comments below.

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