My friend Heather Nicholds, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, author, and extraordinary recipe artist and cook, recently put together a lovely gift titled Why Vegan: Recipes and Stories from Eighteen Vegan Bloggers. Today, I am very happy to share this gift with you.

Why Vegan is a downloadable pdf that contains short personal stories and a gift recipe from eighteen different bloggers and authors. I am honored to be included in Why Vegan with a bit of my story, along with my Chocolate Mousse recipe from The Mindful Vegan:  A 30 Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Happiness, and Peace.   Here are a few snapshots from “Why Vegan”, and the link to download. Happy New Year!

Pomegranite Salsa on Avo Toast
from Anna Pelzer

Click on image below to enlarge Table of Contents and Introduction

Baked Tofu Buddha Bowl from Becky Striepe
Lisa Pitman’s Banana Bread Biscotti
Lasagna Tart from Dianne Wenz
Dreena Burton’s Creamy Fettucine
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