A Vegan Potluck Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving presented an extra special event for us.

Disappointed that Farm Sanctuary was not holding the annual Celebration for the Turkeys at the local Farm Sanctuary as in years past – truly, a highlight of our year – imagine our delight when Miyoko and Michael Schinner decided to host a Thanksgiving (Thanksliving?  Plantsgiving?) vegan potuck on their new digs, a beautiful sixteen acres in West Marin that came to them complete with a barn for launching an animal rescue sanctuary project.

It also meant an opportunity to finally be served up helpings of Miyoko’s famous UnTurkey – and it exceeded its reputation!

The potluck proved beyond spectacular.  We brought a couple of dishes to contribute to the feast, recipes from The Plant-Based JourneyCranberry Sauce with Oranges and Dates and Apple Crisp .

I’ve received so many questions about how Miyoko’s UnTurkey is made, I am including that video here for your benefit.  It’s quite a lengthy process, though Miyoko insists it isn’t so.  For a lazy cook like me, it’s a good thing that Miyoko made it for us so we didn’t have to!


Here’s hoping your holidays are filled with good eats!



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