This just in! A video vignette of the February McDougall Health and Medical Center Advanced Nutrition Study Weekend.

I took pages of notes during the event so that I could report directly back in to you, and this 7 minutes of video clips gives you a tantalizing overview.

As a matter of fact, this event had me tearing through over 75 pages in my shiny new notebook.  That’s why I am able to share out with you so many details of the McDougall-Fuhrman debate.

I’ll be sharing as much as I can fit into the hour of Wednesday night’s Teleclass, too.  I am amazed at how much is squeezed  into 3 days at the ASW.  In addition to the fine Dr’s debate, moderated by Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey, we heard from Kathy Freston, Melanie Joy, H. Gilbert Welch (author of Overdiagnosed), Dr. Matt Lederman (you’ll recognize him from Forks Over Knives), Dr. Doug Lisle, Dr. Michale Klaper, Dr. Michael Greger, and even had food cooked for us by Lindsay Shay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore. You can see why my notebook is full!

Lots more in the days and weeks ahead, and on the February 29 FitDream Fusion and Success Club Teleclass, of course!

Thanks so much for coming by. Please join me also on facebook.

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