At NPR studios with Nancy Wiegman, star of “Nancy’s Bookshelf” – and Fit Quickies talk! I’ll let you know when the program airs


Walked into Barnes and Noble yesterday cold yesterday, and wondered if I’d find her…Yes! Fit Quickies on the shelf!

Fit Quickies #1 Bestseller at Penguin/Alpha

Got a message from my publisher.

They tell me that Fit Quickies is #1 Best Seller for Penguin/Alpha Books on Amazon and Books -a – Million booksellers this week – not only for new releases, but all Penguin/Alpha books, and that includes the Complete Idiot’s Guides! I don’t know much about publishing, but I do know they were quite excited about it. I couldn’t wait to tell you.

AND I couldn’t wait to thank you for the amazing, enthusiastic support you have been through the whole Fit Quickies book creating process and beyond by snapping up your copy this week and in pre-orders.

YOU made the difference.  I am deeply appreciative.

NPR Interview Recording

Here’s the link to the radio interview at the local NPR station:

Fit Quickies on NPR

From the program listing:

Fit Quickies: 5-Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts 

Health and fitness expert Lani Muelrath shares her collection of quick, easy-to-follow body-shaping exercises that zero in on problem areas. Lani helps people transform their bodies and their lives with her three pillars of healthy weight and fitness: a simple exercise plan, a whole-food plant-based diet, and mind-set mastery.

More exciting news from Fit Quickies book release week


I was more than happy to sign all the copies of Fit Quickies in the Barnes and Noble store – of course!

Fit Quickies on the shelf at Barnes and Noble

Yesterday, a Friday thrill like none other when I walked in cold to Barnes and Noble and there was Fit Quickies on the shelf!

Of course the grabbed a pen and insisted that I sign each copy right away – and they started selling on the spot,  Everyone at Barnes and Noble was lovely, apparently enamored of my unbridled enthusiasm unless, of course, they were just being polite.

Thank you everyone at Barnes and Noble, Chico, California on Friday February 8!

NPR Interview


After the fun at Barnes and Noble, it was on to the NPR station to be interviewed by Nancy Wiegman for the uber popular NPR show “Nancy’s Bookshelf”.  This was SO much fun, and guess what?  They are so thrilled with the interview and the book that they asked me if I would mind if, instead of airing the interview now, they instead air during the upcoming pledge week when they have high profile guests lined up to attract more listeners (Paula Poundstone for one).  AND they want to give away some copies of the book as pledge prizes and have be back in the studio at the same time to answer questions live from callers!  Does that sound like fun or what?



Sybil Janke is today’s cover on the Fit Quickie Gallery

Fit Quickies Gallery

The Fit Quickies Gallery is rapidly expanding as each day another person or two receives their book.  Here is the link to the Fit Quickies Gallery on  Pinterest (you’ll see it top row, center):  Fit Quickies Gallery

I would LOVE to have your picture up too!  All you need to is snap a picture of yourself with the book – lots of ways to do that, as you’ll see in the Gallery – and send it to me either on facebook or via email to

‘Tweeted’ by John Robbins

My heart be still!  Another delightful surprise on launch day was waking to see this on facebook and twitter from John Robbins


Amazon Reviews

 amazonreviewsfeb9Fit Quickies reviews have just opened up on Amazon and I am humbly grateful to everyone who has jumped in and shared their thoughts and responses.  These mean the world to me!  Thank you!

And if you’ve received your copy of Fit Quickies, please pop on over to reviews and leave your comments as soon as you have read your copy and get a chance.  They mean a lot to any book at Amazon and I so appreciate your help.

As a matter of fact, when you put your review up I promise to do your next workout for you.

Click here to see and add to the Amazon Reviews

With deep appreciation to you – without whom this couldn’t have been done.












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