I can’t wait for you to meet this extraordinary, effervescent, popular and in-demand woman and plant-food passionista (believe me, it was tough to find time in her media, video, special event and travel schedule to nail down a date for her to visit us in the upcoming Teleclasss!)

Of course, only if you are perhaps interested in:

  • Chef AJ, the energetic author of Unproccesed will be on our Teleclass unplugged

    losing weight or just looking and feeling great

  • preventing or reversing of many common lifestyle diseases
  • lowering your cholesterol
  • all of the above while eat delicious foods – and even sweet treats – while you’re at it?
  • and just plain having a good time while talking about one of everyone’s favorite topics:  Food that is not only healthy but delicious!

Meet the creator and co-producer of www.HealthyTasteofLA.com, an annual event in Redondo Beach, California where the finest in plant-based cuisine meets the best in nutritional science.

On this call, meet this firecracker and find out:

  • why she was featured on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show
  • the all-too-common disease she healed herself with by using dietary change over surgery
  • how she went from too thin (hospitalized for anorexia) to too fat (by over 30 lbs) to health and happy at just right
  • the ‘evil trinity” and why you want to engineer them out of your diet, PLUS how to do it without sacrificing taste
  • and that’s just for starters!

Meet the creator and producer of two cooking DVDs and a must-have cookbook, Unprocessed

Meet Chef AJ!

Celebrity chef and the Pastry Chef at Sante Restaurant, Chef AJ’s passion and specialty is teaching people how to prepare plant indulgent food without using processed or refined ingredients, and how to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet in ways that are easy, delicious and fun.

Chef AJ has been a culinary instructor in Los Angeles for the past ten years. She uses only plant based whole foods, such as fruits, to sweeten and creates absolutely amazing and healthy treats with the simplest ingredients.  And she makes it so easy!

How to Make A Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

I wanted to have Chef AJ on the phone for you to meet because she is not only gifted in the plant-based, whole foods kitchen, she also has had extraordinary life experiences that not bring fire to her passion for plant-based food prep, they give her an unique compassion for people who have health and weight challenges.

And just in case you can’t make it to the call (remember, even if you can’t make the call LIVE yet sign up, I’ll send you the recording afterward AND it’s available on webcast, too), I’ll post another Chef and the Dietitian video for Raw Brownies, below.

Chef AJ has a story to tell and a mission to accomplish.
And wait til you see the treats in Unprocessed

I’ve asked Chef AJ to share a few of her favorites from the book on the call too.

“Chef AJ is one of the few chefs in the world who can design dishes that not only meet my dietary guidelines, but are delicious, too. She represents the best of everything, she’s entertaining and engaging, and makes healthy food totally acceptable for everyone. Unprocessed  is a must-have book for the person who wants to not only eat well, but enjoy eating well, too.”
– Dr. Pam Popper, Executive Director of the Wellness Forum.

Hope you can make it to the call!  Go here now to sign up on the Success Club>>>

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Here you go as promised:  Another episode of The Chef and the Dietitian:

Brownies..in the raw!

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