(This article is the Feature Article and topic of discussion for the January 8, 2009 issue of the FitDream Ezine)

One of the first questions I have for a new client, when they come to me to help them achieve better fitness, weight loss, or energy, is this:

“What it is that you want to achieve in terms of your fitness?

A close second question is “Why do you want to achieve this?”

This second question always seems to inspire deeper thought.  It has always seemed like an important part of the question, to me.  This is because I have consistently observed among clients that the answers to these questions have great bearing on their progress toward their goals.

So it is not surprising that during the course of my regular review of the literature on all things health and fitness that a particular study drew my attention.

The Study

The study to which I refer involved gathering information from a field of subjects in 3 different categories:

1)  weight loss maintainers (3 years)

2)  weight loss regainers

3)  stable obese – no weight loss achieved

The goal of the study was to ascertain what factors made the difference between these 3 groups.

What’s different about those who KEPT the weight off from those who regained – from those who never were able to lose weight?

The Primary Focus

This was not an attempt to be an exhaustive study.  Rather, the researchers hoped to find some common element among the “maintainers” that would provide valuable feedback as to why these particular were able to more successfully maintain their weight loss than the regainers.  Or the “stable obese”.

Health Or Beauty?

They uncovered some interesting – and useful – information regarding the motivation of the “maintainers” and the “regainers”.

What do you think – were the “winners” motivated more by health concerns (medical risks of being overweight) or psychological factors (attractiveness and confidence)?

But….before  I tell you the results of their study, I want to know what YOU think made the biggest difference between the “maintainers” and those who didn’t!

Then I’ll post the rest of my article next week.

Tell Me What YOU Think!

I hope you’ll play along with me and I look forward to what YOU think may have, literally, tipped the scales in this study!

Simply click “comments” below and tell what me what you think! What are your thoughts about what may have made the difference between the regainers and the maintainers?

What has been your own observation or experience?

In other words:

1)  Why do YOU think that some people are able to sustain weight loss, and others not so well?

2)  Do you think more successful losers are motivated by “health” or “beauty”? (as described above)

2)  Which factors in weight loss do YOU think should be addressed? (The study I am reviewing examined just some of the factors)

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the KEYS to maintained weight loss success.  The comments link is just below this article.

And then I promise to spill the rest of the beans about the rest of this research study next week!

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