We’re watchful – and hopeful – for what Rockie’s third winter will bring.  Prepare to smile and perhaps shed a few tears as you view the latest Rockie video update.

In case you’ve missed the Rockie chronicles – a series of 11 films, including the one above –  made over the past 2 years by my favorite videographer Greg, here is the lineup.  Settle in for your own Rockie film festival!

Film #10:  Rockie’s 2nd birthday extravaganza

Film #9:  Rockie goes Zen: what the plant-based fitness mascot has to teach us about stress management and being here now

Film #8:  Rockie’s “Winter of my Content”

Film #7:  Rockie’s Naughty Christmas

Film #6:  Rockie the rescue squirrel releases her first music video

Film #5:  Rockie IV:  Ready for my Close-up!”

Film #4:  “Rise of the Bushy Tail:  Rockie our squirrel returns!

Film #3:  ”The squirrel saga continues!” with new video of Rockie, the plant-based fitness blog mascot

Film #2:  Merry wildlife Christmas! The Saga of Rockie our Squirrel – NEW video

Film #1:  Squirrel rescue saga & facebook intervention: Meet Rockie!

rockie humans well trained

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