For everyone who wrote asking if I could please provide a transcript of the “3 Things” video that plays in the welcome banner at the top of the page, your wish is my command.

The 3 things you must have for health, weight loss, and fitness success

Hi, I’m Lani Muelrath, the plant-based fitness expert and author of Fit Quickies: 5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts. In this short video I’m going to tell you the 3 things that you MUST have for health, weight loss, and fitness success. Once you connect the dots between these 3 things you will step into a whole new experience when it comes to your weight, your body shape, and your physical confidence.

I call these the 3 Pillars of Success – and you’ve heard me talk about them in the Fit Quickies official book trailer too – as they are the foundation of the Fit Quickies book .

The 3 things we are talking about are:

But between you and me? Most people – maybe even you – are missing in one of these 3 areas, and you think it will never be possible for you to stick to a healthy plan, or lose weight.

But that’s not true. You will be successful when you respect all three.

Yes, optimal health is founded on diet and exercise, yet it will remain elusive in the long run without the attention to mindset.

Look. You have enormous potential for becoming healthier and more fit – even if you are feeling discouraged now. I know the heartaches, the challenges, and now the joy of success at being healthy, happy and fit.

Be confident that no matter what your age or how many times you may feel you have “failed” in the past, radiant health will be yours. You have every reason to feel hope.

I wrote the Fit Quickies book to give you all you need for a solid foundation in all three pillars- the book is your starting point. And right here at you will find endless resources in all three for ongoing support- the food, the body shaping and fitness, and the frame of mind.

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Thank you for joining me on this healthy, happy and fit adventure!

So, which is your strength, your ‘area of future growth’?  Please share in comments below. And thank you for your request – what a fitting way to transition to a new year!

A whole new opportunity to live, love, and matter – in your most energetic, healthy and fit body ever.


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