It’s no secret that smack dab at the heart of my stay-trim-and-energized strategy is to pile the veggies on my plant-strong plate.   I am always flabbergasted when a woman tells me that she struggles with getting in 2 or 3 servings of plant foods a day.   I am so used to  2  1/2 to 3 times that.

And it also tells me a lot about why she has a weight problem.

To, help things along in the “up  your veggie count” department, here’s a list providing endless variety.   Deep thanks to Margo for sending this handy chart to me.  Which, by the way, you can also download with several links embedded by clicking HERE.

Fruits & Vegetables by Color






Artichokes Beets Bananas Apricots Black currants
Arugula Blood oranges Brown pears Butternut squash Black salsify
Asparagus Cherries Cauliflower Cantaloupe Blackberries
Avocados Cranberries Dates Cape Gooseberries Blueberries
Broccoflower Guava Garlic Carrots Dried plums
Broccoli Papaya Ginger Golden kiwifruit Eggplant
Broccoli rabe Pink grapefruit Jerusalem artickoke Grapefruit Elderberries
Brussel sprouts Pink/Red grapefruit Jicama Lemon Grapes
Celery Pomegranates Kohlrabi Mangoes Plums
Chayote  squash Radicchio Mushrooms Nectarines Pomegranates
Chinese cabbage Radishes Onions Oranges Prunes
Cucumbers Raspberries Parsnips Papayas Purple Belgian endive
Endive Red apples Potatoes Peaches Purple Potatoes
Green apples Red bell peppers Shallots Persimmons Purple asparagus
Green beans Red chili peppers Turnips Pineapples Purple cabbage
Green cabbage Red grapes White Corn Pumpkin Purple carrots
Green grapes Red onions White nectarines Rutabagas Purple figs
Green onion Red pears White peaches Sweet corn Purple grapes
Green pears Red peppers Sweet potatoes Purple peppers
Green peppers Red potatoes Tangerines Raisins
Honeydew Rhubarb Yellow apples
Kiwifruit Strawberries Yellow beets
Leafy greens Tomatoes Yellow figs
Leeks Watermelon Yellow pears
Lettuce Yellow peppers
Limes Yellow potatoes
Okra Yellow summer squash
Peas Yellow tomatoes
Sno Peas Yellow watermelon
Spinach Yellow winter squash
Sugar snap peas
Fruits are Shaded; if weight loss is a concern, best limited to 2 – 3/day
Even though Tomatoes & Avocado’s are Fruits, they are not Shaded.

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