“Hi Lani, I listened to your telecast interview with Chef Aj this morning. You sound so upbeat and happy, and not judgemental but helpful on the path that we all take once we make the decision to change our lives. Your message about the several steps would have helped me even more when I got started! I ordered your book from Amazon during the interview!”   ~ Kiki, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Loved listening to your class with Chef Aj this morning!  What I enjoyed most about the teleclass was how relaxed and no-pressure you are, allowing folks to take things a step at a time.  That approach comes across in your book, too.  I definitely am one of those people who can just turn on a dime and do an overnight change but you’re right, even though it felt like overnight to me, it really was a series of steps…” ~ Sara Shannon, Austin, Texas

“I really enjoyed listening to you, and I love your gentle spirit, and wanted to order your book right away after that call. I need something very basic. I get overwhelmed with so many rules and recipes and choices. Life can get so complicated. I need simple! ~ Julie

Listen in as Chef AJ asks me about:

  • What sets The Plant-Based Journey uniquely apart from other plant-based books out there – and in a big way
  • My own personal, decades-long plant-based journey
  • The story behind the surprise runaway hit from Journey, the Recipe Templates
  • What I absolutely put my foot down about when it comes to plant-based meals advice
  • How to be a Champion at plant-based living
  • Why I don’t like the word ‘habits‘-  and what I prefer to use in its place
  • The critical thing we need to remember for taking our plant-based eating into social situations
  • The 2 key supporting players to transition to plant-based nutrition
  • How big changes start with microchanges
  • Which style of transition is best for you?

…and lots more.  Note that the 7  Sauces that Sizzle ebook has been re-released by my publisher for listeners who purchase a copy of The Plant-Based Journey October 6 (the date of the teleclass) or after for the month of October.   Instructions in the recording. (about minute 50:50 !)  Purchases earlier than that do not apply



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