Mexico in late winter, just before Spring hits and heats things up.

Spectacular edifices and jungle vistas – we’ve never seen so much wildlife near Maya ruins as here in Calakmul.  No doubt because of the remoteness of this location.

You drive and drive and drive some more.  And it’s still being excavated, being one of the most recent Maya cities discovered south of the border.

Wait til you see the bat hawk high atop one of the structures.

We’d climbed way up and were taking in the landscape below us, not even aware this critter was peering down at us from above.

After climbing down we were viewing the photos and spotted the raptor.  Of course we made a hasty climb back up to get some close ups.

What a way to get your workouts in. My favorite videographer Greg did the video and editing honors.  Hope you likey as much as I do.

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