This week, I am honored to have authored the featured article on the T. Colin Campbell Nutrition Studies. Titled  The Mindful Vegan: Happy. Healthy. Here and Now, here is the opening of the article – and here is the link to read the entire piece.

Not long ago, I sat down to a meal with a group of friends. Everyone at the table had before them a plate of healthy vegan food – generously provided by the robust buffet at the side of the room.

Before I had a chance to take my first bite, one of the people at our table tore into their food in a frenzy – not unlike the ferocity of a lion at their first meal in a week.

Shoveling mouthful after mouthful in – well before the previous bite had barely cleared the entrance – I was blindsided by the intensity of this display. I could tell by the glances of others at the table that my reaction was not unique.

My gut response was….

Click here to read the rest of this article here on the T. Colin Campbell Nutrition Studies site – and I look forward to see you share thoughts and comments!

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