Naughty or nice?

In this video, see Rockie:

  • plaster the glass door with pawprints
  • take flying leaps from the floor onto my shoulder at my computer
  • order peanuts online
  • receive Santa’s first gift of the season – squirrel underpants  (!)
Fun viewing for the entire family.


And just in case you missed Rockie’s first 5 videos:

Rockie video #1:  The Saga of Rockie the Squirrel

Rockie video #2:  Rockie the Squirrel:  The Saga Continues

Rockie video #3:  Rockie 3:  Rise of the Bushy Tail

Rockie video #4:  Ready for my Close-Up!

Rockie video #5:  Rockie  releases her first MUSIC video!


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