Dr. Neal Barnard with Lani Muelrath

Honored and privileged to serve you again as Coach for Dr. Neal Barnard and the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) 21- Day Vegan Kickstart, we launch again January 2, 2012 and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Here’s the page to sign up:  PCRM 21-Day Kickstart.

This 3 week program invites you to immerse yourself in 21 days of a whole foods, low fat, plant-based diet.  A vegan diet can come in all kinds of flavors yet this one you can confidently put in the healthy column.

Which, if you’ve hung around the plant-strong fitness blog or me for any length of time, you know all about as THE pathway to health, energy, fitness, and weight loss. The delicious, easy way to keep your weight in check.  We’ve got the plant-strong  recipes to prove it.

Here’s the page to sign up:  PCRM 21-Day Kickstart.

There is a 21 – day meal plan and menu, a forum (where you’ll find me), you’ll get daily messages that include celebrity and medical expert advice (again where you’ll find yours truly as Fitness Expert for the McDougall Health and Medical Center), nutrition webcasts, a restaurant guide, and many other plant-based nutrition resources.

Why not make ring-in-the-new year a time to ring-in-your-new-healthier body  as well?

Here’s the page to sign up:  PCRM 21-Day Kickstart.

And here’s a list of the celebs and meds on board in the driver’s seat:
Dr. Neal Barnard, Brendan Brazier, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Kris Carr, Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn, Rory Freedman, Kathy Freston, Bob Harper, Marilu Henner, Alexandra Jamieson, Scott Jurek, Dr. John McDougall,   Victoria Moran
Dr. Dean Ornish, Daphne Oz, Tal Ronnen, John Salley, Alicia Silverstone, Persia White.

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