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Top 40 Vegan Books for 2017

I don't know about you, but I always enjoy diving into "best books" lists to see if I can spot an old favorite. Or find a new one. And when I discover that a book authored by yours truly is on the list, well, how fun is that? And in this case, the treat is...

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My New Favorite Kitchen Companion: Giant Scanpan

Long a fan of the non-stick pan concept, yet burned out on the ever-revolving door of lower-priced models that lose their nonstick oomph long before I am ready, I finally decided it was high time to invest in some quality cook wear of the nonstick kind. Scanpan was the answer

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Now Dietitian Recommended: The Plant-Based Journey Book

I am excited to announce that The Plant-Based Journey has now been dietitian recommended as the guide to transition to a plant-based diet!
Timaree Hagenburger, R.D., is another in a growing number of health care providers and educators endorsing and recommending The Plant-Based Journey to their clients and students as guide to successful adoption of a plant-based diet.

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The new Forks Over Knives Plan book and giveaway!

The new Forks Over Knives book is like a visit with the kind plant-based doctor you wish you had. You know, the doctor who is keenly interested in your health and well-being, assumes you actually ARE interested in taking practical steps - instead of pills - to be...

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The new Bar Method DVDs: A review

If you've been waiting for the new Bar Method DVDs to come out on the market, you need wait no more. This serious triple play is available NOW, and in this short video I give you the inside scoop and my personal review. [divider] [/divider] There are 3 videos in the...

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Amazon #1 Best Seller! Buy the Book >>>

Amazon #1 Best Seller!  Buy the Book >>>

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