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Sustainable weight loss, when needed and desired, is one of the outer signs of transformation.  In this section, find tools to help you move forward with achieving your ideal weight and healthy, happy relationship with food, eating, and  your body.


Proteinaholic Book Review and Giveaway

The winner of the random drawing for a copy of Proteinaholic is Cynthia Scott.  Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and entered the giveaway, and congratulations to Cynthia! Buried in the back of my closet... ...is a stack of decades-old food journals with...

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Is This The Ultimate Skinny Food?

Azumio, an online and mobile service that publishes daily insights into health and fitness, has asked me to be a contributing author to their nutrition column.  This is my article published at Azumio this week: Are Beans The Ultimate Skinny Food? Have you ever noticed...

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Which plant-based food plan is right for you?

  Which Plant-Based Food Plan is Right For You?   Have you noticed that the more popular whole food plant-based eating becomes, the more it can seem that 'plant-based diet' can mean one thing to one person, another thing to someone else? It might even seem...

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6 steps that stop compulsive overeating

"Thank you so much!! It was all amazing!!! Thank you very much!!!" "You got me right back on track.  I don't know how to thank you enough." "What an amazing call!  I took so many notes and can't wait to put the 'insight' strategy into practice.  Thank you!"  These...

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How to find where you stand on the global fat scale

If you could find out how you measure up, so to speak, against everyone else on the planet -  in terms of where you stand on the global fat scale -would you be interested? If so, then today is your lucky day because the BBC has just put a tool together why which you...

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