Speaking at events, on radio, and television is an exciting way to spread the word about all the joys and benefits of the plant-based lifestyle to more and more people.  Maybe this year you and I will meet at one of these events!  If so, please introduce yourself!


Dr. Neal Barnard Was My Uber Driver (video!)

"Rock star!" In the vegan and plant-based world, this is what immediately comes to mind when you think of Dr. Neal Barnard. What may be news to you is that "rock star" - when it comes to Neal Barnard - has double meaning. Dr. Barnard generously gave me a lift from...

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The Plant-Based Fight Song (video!)

Fresh to you from its premiere at the Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) presentation in Detroit, Michigan - to you!  Never afraid to make a bit of a fool of myself to advance the cause! I never knew Michigan could be so much fun. I was so glad to meet many...

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Healthfest 2016 Scrapbook (videos!)

Just back from Healthfest 2016 in Marshall, Texas. While I have one foot out the door for another speaking engagement, I can't let another minute go by without reporting in to you about Healthfest with a few snapshots. Then I'm on the way today to Sacramento to speak...

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From Junk Food to Whole Food: Video

From Junk Food to Whole Food When Charlie Fields, noted veg chef (among his many talents!) told me he was thinking about starting a new video series from his San Francisco location, I said to him to just - well, do it! There will never be a "perfect time" for new...

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The Plant-Based Journey on NPR

"The entire program was outstanding!"  ~ Victor Werlhof "This was wonderful Lani."   ~ Bette Statham "I didn't want the program to end!"  ~ Mark Fontana In this thirty minute interview of yours truly and The Plant-Based Journey with NPR's NancyWiegman, host of Nancy's...

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5 reasons to get yourself to the next Healthfest

When five-term mayor of Marshall, Texas, Ed Smith, received a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2008, he decided to treat it with aggressive dietary changes under a doctor’s supervision. Mayor Smith began eating only whole grains, vegetables and legume, nuts, and...

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