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From Junk Food to Whole Food:  Video

From Junk Food to Whole Food: Video

From Junk Food to Whole Food When Charlie Fields, noted veg chef (among his many talents!) told me he was thinking about starting a new video series from his San Francisco location, I said to him to just - well, do it! There will never be a "perfect time" for new...

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Safari Africa. Elephant orphanage. Life changing.

Safari Africa. Elephant orphanage. Life changing.

Safari Africa touches something deep inside you. Maybe it's in our DNA.  Our limbic memory, reaching back to our ancient ancestors. Picture this At 6,500 feet above sea level, we watch as a large family of elephants - from giant towering mothers to infants a few...

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Vegan myths debunked song(Video!)

This short rap was just too adorable for me not to share with you right away. Calcium, protein, zinc, vitmin B12 -it's all in there. Thanks to Jonathan Mann and Ivory King for this charming little song that's got a powerful message debunking vegan myths wrapped in...

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How to use a FitBall at your desk: I’ve got your back (video)

You sit down to your ‘puter to put in some productive time and start with all the best of intentions when it comes to good posture.

You know, seated upright, upper body in lift, all systems GO.

Yet before you know it – maybe this happens for you, too – you get this little collapse. Your chest sinks down. Your shoulders roll forward. And – seemingly all of a sudden – at or below the belt, your back starts to squeeze and tighten, and you just sit it out (guilty!) or squirm in discomfort.

Guess what’s happened? You have created a fatal situation in your back.

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My instant body-shaping-expert strategy (video!)

Before we detail my instant body-shaping expert strategy, let me start by asking you 3 questions: 1)  Have you ever felt like you are not getting the body-shaping results you should from all the time you are putting into your workouts? 2)  Does it sometimes seem as if...

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My simple soup trick to up your veggie count and get your skinny on (video)

My simple soup trick to up your veggie count and get your skinny on (video)

Finding it tough to get your veggies in?

You know it’s at the top of the list of tips for staying trim and energetic, right? Talk about tricks for switching off your fat genes!

Though you know it’s important to keep you vegetable count high, many women struggle with doing just that. For me, after years of veg eating, it’s a piece of cake. So I figure I can help you with what’s now second nature to me. Thus this short video that I just made for you on my super-simple-standby soup recipe.

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