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Vegucated Features The Mindful Vegan (video!)

I'm a big fan of the work that the people at have done and continue to do to advance the cause of veg living.  True to their name, they are the champions of veg education and they have a gazillion resources at their website to prove it. A few...

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Dr. Neal Barnard Was My Uber Driver (video!)

"Rock star!" In the vegan and plant-based world, this is what immediately comes to mind when you think of Dr. Neal Barnard. What may be news to you is that "rock star" - when it comes to Neal Barnard - has double meaning. Dr. Barnard generously gave me a lift from...

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Healthfest 2016 Scrapbook (videos!)

Just back from Healthfest 2016 in Marshall, Texas. While I have one foot out the door for another speaking engagement, I can't let another minute go by without reporting in to you about Healthfest with a few snapshots. Then I'm on the way today to Sacramento to speak...

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From Junk Food to Whole Food: Video

From Junk Food to Whole Food When Charlie Fields, noted veg chef (among his many talents!) told me he was thinking about starting a new video series from his San Francisco location, I said to him to just - well, do it! There will never be a "perfect time" for new...

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