As a food-o-phile, though I like to keep it simple in the kitchen, I’m always up for good eats.  Here is a sampling of simple throw-togethers from my kitchen, along with several that have been contributed or gleaned from the many cookbooks I am fortunate to have sent my way to share with you!


Candy Cane Brownies From

Just in case you didn't know that last week we celebrated National Brownie Day, no worries. Celebrating a few days late is entirely acceptable.  And with this smashing new vegan brownie recipe creating from my dear friend Marla Rose of fame, you have...

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Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup

A few days ago, VegWorld Magazine asked me if I had a recipe for pumpkin soup with lentils.  They had been beset by requests for same, and - being familiar with the healthy comfort food recipe collection in The Plant-Based Journey -  thought I might have something to...

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My New Favorite Kitchen Companion: Giant Scanpan

Long a fan of the non-stick pan concept, yet burned out on the ever-revolving door of lower-priced models that lose their nonstick oomph long before I am ready, I finally decided it was high time to invest in some quality cook wear of the nonstick kind. Scanpan was the answer

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6 Plant-Based Pumpkin Pie Recipes

6 Plant-Based Pumpkin Pie Recipes Having made many a plant-based pumpkin pie in my time, at this time of year I find myself again on the lookout for a new variation on the pumpkin pie theme.  Oddly enough, as a kid I couldn't stand pumpkin pie - go figure!  It was...

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Recipe Photos from The Plant-Based Journey

Recipe Photos from The Plant-Based Journey If I had a wish list... ...for The Plant-Based Journey, it would be that she (1) go into second printing quite quickly, (2) be reviewed by a major publication such as VegNews, and (3) that she have marvelous photos of the...

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How to make breakfast-worthy cherry pie

Cherry Pie for breakfast? That has been the state of affairs around here lately. I recently combined my love for a morning bowl of sweet steamy whole grains with a longtime adoration of dark cherries. And believe it or not, this comes out tasting like cherry pie. As a...

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6 Easy Ways to Jack Up Your Veggie Count

For decades now, my diet has been plant-based.  You can tell by taking a peek inside my refrigerator. So when someone complains they can't think of ways to get more vegetables in their diets, as you can imagine I have plenty to say.  For me, I've been doing it so long...

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S.O.S. for the holidays : six plant-based pumpkin pie recipes, cranberry sauce, mushroom gravy, six things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner and bonus tips to ferry you through the eating season

Holy calendar whiplash.  It's November! This time of year is always a mix of good times, good eats, right along with challenges to healthy living, eating, and personal equanimity. Let me see if I can help a little bit on all fronts. Below, I've linked six holiday...

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