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Chocolate Mousse Recipe from The Mindful Vegan Book

The very same day I had scheduled to publish the recipe for Chocolate Mousse here on The Mindful Vegan blog, Christa from The Artistic Vegan did the same, accompanied by a giveaway for a copy of the book The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance,...

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Candy Cane Brownies From Veganstreet.com

Just in case you didn't know that last week we celebrated National Brownie Day, no worries. Celebrating a few days late is entirely acceptable.  And with this smashing new vegan brownie recipe creating from my dear friend Marla Rose of Veganstreet.com fame, you have...

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6 Plant-Based Pumpkin Pie Recipes

6 Plant-Based Pumpkin Pie Recipes Having made many a plant-based pumpkin pie in my time, at this time of year I find myself again on the lookout for a new variation on the pumpkin pie theme.  Oddly enough, as a kid I couldn't stand pumpkin pie - go figure!  It was...

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S.O.S. for the holidays : six plant-based pumpkin pie recipes, cranberry sauce, mushroom gravy, six things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner and bonus tips to ferry you through the eating season

Holy calendar whiplash.  It's November! This time of year is always a mix of good times, good eats, right along with challenges to healthy living, eating, and personal equanimity. Let me see if I can help a little bit on all fronts. Below, I've linked six holiday...

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