“Finally, one night I read one page. Then another and another and another until it was something I wanted to ditch my other work to do.

“Even as someone who already tries to practice mindfulness, I had put off reading the book because I was too slammed with busyness and life to really immerse myself in it…This busyness and avoidance was causing anxiety, guilt, resentment and on and on until I finally cracked open The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness by Lani Muelrath, and realized that it was precisely because of that feverish, unsustainable pace and mentality I keep up that I needed to read this book. And it’s been very rewarding to do so…

These opening thoughts are direct the review of The Mindful Vegan posted on Veganstreet.com.

Over at Veganstreet. com, you can read the entire in-depth review of the book – and my responses to Marla’s ten probing interview questions posted below.  See you over at Veganstreet!


The Vegan Street Ten Questions

Here are Vegan Street’s ten questions which I respond to over at Vegan Street.

  • Marla Rose: What do you mean when you say “mindfulness”?
  • MR: Do vegans necessarily automatically practice mindful living?
  • MR: Do omnivores necessarily not practice mindful living?
  • MR: How does mindfulness extend beyond the table for vegans? For example, how can we practice the habits of mindfulness coexisting in the world as vegans? What occasions might arise that call for it? It seems to me that we could be better communicators of the vegan message if we’re less reactive and more mindful.
  • MR: What are your first signs – physical or mental – that you are not being mindful?
  • MR: It seems to me like I hear so many people say that they “can’t meditate” like there is something uniquely wrong with them when, in fact, it is just so much about how our frenetic brains are wired that it feels alien at first and people give up. What do you say to someone who thinks she “can’t meditate”?
  • MR: Does meditation get easier over time? Conversely, do you still have days that are challenging for you with your meditation practice?
  • MR: How does mindfulness benefit someone who wants to transition to veganism easier?
  • MR: Why do you think that so few people in the personal growth world adopt a vegan lifestyle?
  • MR: I think it’s amazing that as part of the book, readers get access to your 30-days of guided meditations. It’s such a value added. What do you think makes your program different?
  • MR: Thank you, Lani! I am so grateful for this book.

My answers to Marla’s questions and more at Veganstreet. com.

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