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Four Simple Tools For Finding Greater Focus

Have any of these, or something similar to them, ever happened to you? You find your mind wandering during conversations, sometimes so much that you need to ask the person you are talking to to repeat a question. You are on deadline to complete a task, yet...

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Can Going Vegan Help You Relax?

Not only is a becoming vegan great for your health, animals, and the planet, it can also help you relax. The Vegan Relaxation Connection This week, an article underscoring the connection between becoming vegan and feeling more at ease because of it - for a...

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Vegucated Features The Mindful Vegan (video!)

I'm a big fan of the work that the people at Vegucated.com have done and continue to do to advance the cause of veg living.  True to their name, they are the champions of veg education and they have a gazillion resources at their website to prove it. A few...

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