Wanna gain muscle, lose fat, and feel vital in body, mind and spirit?

There are conversations all over the place about these very things here at thetruthabout…. and if you haven’t been able to take a peek or listen in on “comments” before, here are a few outtakes as a sampler.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to listen in, learn from the questions of others (I always do!) and see what others are thinking -and saying.

FYI, as you may know, all blog posts here have the option for “comments” from readers.  That’s where these came from!  It’s an invitation for you to join in, too.

Lots more where these came from, I just thought I’d pick a few “outtakes” from the comments on 3 blog posts for everyone to enjoy!

1)  Questions in response to “Interval Training:  A Favorite For Fat Loss”

Hi Lani,

I had a question about Interval Training. I already have “muscley” legs to begin with andI don’t want to gain any more muscle in my legs, I just want to lose fat. What should I do?


Hi Erika,

Interval training (IT) is not a specific for building muscle bulk: it is a high intensity cardiovascular training technique that has a high energy demand with a great return on excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (see my recent articles on EPOC). This in turn stimulates and extended calorie “burn” which works in your favor when it comes to creating a negative energy balance that will dip into your fat stores.

So, though IT is a muscle-challenging device and will create some nice shape, it is not a “bulking” technique.

As a side note, you don’t need to worry about building up excess bulk in your legs as a woman, and if you are quite lean and this is a problem, then it is not hard to tweak your training to avoid this affect.

Thanks so much for coming in to comment and I hope this helps!


Thanks Lani,

This really helped. I was doing TT training [Turbulence Training] and just wondering if it would add bulk to my legs, I’m glad it doesn’t. What about T Tapp? Would that replace the weight lifting part of my program in order to just maintain muscle mass rather than bulk? Thanks so much! I appreciate your response!

Thanks again,

Hi Erika,

Knowing what your goals are is important when you decide upon the best training regimen for yourself. Are you looking for minimal workout time with maximum results? Are you looking for primo shaping? Bodyfat reduction?

Remember, it is tough for women to “bulk up” in muscle without artificial  enhancement. It doesn’t just happen accidentally or without major effort and attention to serious training! I find that what many women fear as “bulk” is actually due to the bodyfat that is covering some lovely well-shaped muscle.

T-Tapp provides some excellent muscle shaping and strengthening. You can combine weights with T-Tapp in an alternating fashion/rotation during your week for some splendid results, too.

Again, working backward from your goals is the best way to approach your training!


2)  Questions in response to “It’s The Calories, Honey!”

Hi Lani,

So, how do you determine the fine balance between eating enough to keep your body from thinking there isn’t enough food and storing for later and getting the calorie deficit you need to lose weight?


Hi Katherine,

Excellent question and as you can probably imagine, I’ve been tenacious about a search for that answer, too. After having cut TOO much and TOO little, both with dire results, I discovered information in several references that created a consistency in the answer.

A calorie reduction of not more than about 20% of current energy needs is advised, even 10%, though as exact counts can be hard to measure, 10% doens’t give much wiggle room. Either – 10 – 20% – will bring about slow yet more certain fat loss, when accompanied by muscle-protecting exercise, and at the same time not hook an excessive hunger response. You are also clear of any metabolic rate reduction problems at this level, as long as you hang onto that muscle. 20% reduction does not bring about a “thinking there isn’t enough food”, according to the research that I have been able to find and dissect.

The 20% is over the course of the week, giving some variety for days. Great topic for another article, yes?

Thanks so much for coming by for conversation!


3) Question in Response to “Crank Up The Calorie Burn:  Your Fat Loss Toolkit, EPOC Part 2”

HI Lani,

Can T-Tapp be used for this? I put my all into my Tapping sessions and am amazed that I can still find more to focus on. Lately it is hard to make through Basic plus because I am tightening and lifting, etc. more consciously and boy! Is my heart rate up and the sweat pouring. Since I’ve been at this many years and have the NK awareness I was hoping this would be acceptable for short high intensity workouts. BTW, I would love to have you critique a video for me sometime.


Hi Tracey,

Absolutely your T-Tapp can create this for you. In your own description, you have incredible intensity going on with your workouts – and intensity is what you are looking for when seeking to hook the EPOC advantage.

How long are your workouts usually – those where you feel the most intensity?

Thanks for stopping in and sharing Tracey, I appreciate it!


And that’s just the tip of the “comment” iceberg!  Thanks to Tracey, Erika, Katherine, and everyone else who has taken the time to stop in and converse about all things health and fitness.  Keep it coming! Lani

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