Just back in from the morning trek high in the hills here in Oaxaca, where we find ourselves on a 10 day adventure.  Already LOTS to write home about!

As you no doubt already know, one of my bottom line rules about my fitness plan is that it MUST dovetail quite nicely with my penchant for travel!  It was part of my initial vision with revolutionizing my relationship with food, eating, and my body.  And I’m happy to report that the whole plan has come to fruition beautifully!  And I love to talk about it.

Back to the trip logistics.

Red eye out of SF.  Every time we do one of those we swear them off, but are enchanted by the idea of arrival to destination early in the day and this time it paid off as well.

Exception: rental car reservations.  8:00 a.m. found Hertz “down in inventory” so they handed over the keys to an upgrade.  May sound like an advantage but for us, not only do we like to live low on the gas chain, but when we are traveling prefer low profile.

Yet we found ourselves motoring out to the boonsticks of Oaxaca in what we have come to call the “pimpmobile” with it’s flashy hubcaps and Cadillac appearance.  We discovered at Mezcal (local smoky, homemade tequila) festivities at the pool on the cliffs last night that we’d already been profiled by other residents just by merit of our vehicle!  Of course we set everyone straight, as much as possible when all are sipping homemade Mezcal from dried gourd saucers.

As it turns out, our neighbors are world famous mountain trek celebrities – more about that in another post.  Right now the wild turkeys are gobbling from below our veranda and demand investigation! More later and I’ll report in about eats, activities, and adventure to the market.

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