Being spoiled at Easter breakfast at Ann & Larry Wheat's

I hope the Easter bunny was good to you this year, as she sure was to us.  We had the fine good fortune of having Larry Wheat’s famous ‘Larry’s pancakes’ and the pictures pretty much tell the story.

Breakfast is ready!

  • Not only that, but this was on the heels of our first, long-anticipated dinner at the Wheat’s famous restaurant, Millennium.  Millennium is a destination vegan restaurant and amazing dining experience in the heart of San Francisco.

I’ll tell you more about the restaurant later, for now it’s Easter brekkie – wholegrain pancakes with blueberries, raspberries, mango, fresh applesauce, walnuts – oh, and an amazing mug of non-dairy hot cocoa to kick it off!



Above, our view from breakfast. Look closely and you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge popping out the top of my head in the background.  After breakfast we took a long hike through the coastal redwoods.

Soon, I’ll give you the full scoop about Millennium as it’s a must-go destination if you get anywhere near San Francisco.


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